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Mirror pattern, not components

Question asked by A. D. on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by Peter De Vlieger

Dear all,

I´m currently modelling a wooden crate, which has several boards on one side, and the same number of boards on the other side. (It's always symmetrical). The model uses (among other things) multiple curve driven patterns.

Now, i've modeled one side of the crate (with a lot of equations, parametric inputs, etc.), and now would like to mirror to the other side.

In fact this is no problem, but, when mirroring the pattern, it doesn't actually mirror the pattern-feature, but it mirrors the components within the pattern. The problem with this is that when the input of the curve drive pattern changes (the number of instances), the new instances won't appear in the mirrored side.


As example,

In the following image you see the state in which the mirror is set:

The Mirror setup.PNG


As you can see, the sides have 6 horizontal boards (each).

Now, when i change the parametric input which controls this number of instances (a custom propertie) to 10 boards, the following happens:

The Mirror Problem.PNG


As you see, the new components are not taken into account for the mirror-feature.

Is there any way to make this work like it should?


Thanks in advance,