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Multibody Sheet Metal Parts & Macro - HELP

Question asked by Harmony Copperthwaite on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by Viktor Bovzdarenko



I often work with multibody parts, and would like to run a macro to update my description "Sheet" to show the sheet metal thickness x bounding box width and also to add a row for length. While I have found quite a few macros for adding the bounding box information, most of what I have found has either been completely not what I am looking for, or only works when you have a single sheet metal component.


What I require is that my macro runs for all of my sheet metal bodies in one part. I have attached a part I am looking to do this on, specifically.


Hopefully someone can help. I have very limited VBA knowledge (one course in college plus 4 years not practicing VBA = help me I'm drowning!