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print settings in task scheduler

Question asked by Jeroen Bonenberg on Jul 5, 2016

Hello all,


I have a workstation with a shared printer from our domain controller installed. In this printer there are several default settings, like the paper size (A3), tray number to use (tray 3) and color printing disabled.

Somehow if I create a print job with the SolodWorks Task Scheduler and check the print settings, all of the settings are wrong. Paper size is A4, tray number is set to auto and the printer is set to print in color.


Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I can;t find out how to make sure that either the correct Windows setttings are used or that I configure the options one time and reuse these settings each time that I create a print task.


Is there anyone who can shine some light on it?


Kind regards,


Jeroen Bonenberg

Matrix IT