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    Solidworks Flow Simulation crashing when finishing wizard

    Theo Linders



      I installed SolidWorks 2016 SP3.0 (Student Educational Kit) on a Windows 10 64 bit OS.


      i7-4990 3.6 GHz

      32 GB RAM

      Samsung 512 GB SSD

      Ati Fire Pro W2100 (2 GB)


      When I run the wizard in Flow Simulation it stops when I click on the Finish Button and gives an error

      (see attachment), Assertion Failure Microsfoft Visual C++.

      Windows is up to date.


      Can anyone help me with this problem?

      I think it is strange that on the second line it says H:\third_party... (I don't have an H-drive)

      thx in advance

        • Re: Solidworks Flow Simulation crashing when finishing wizard
          Sindre Sorhus

          Hi Theo,


          This error is caused by Microsoft Visual C++, not SolidWorks.

          C++ is a prereq that automatically is installed with SW if it's not already present on your computer. You can try to uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and then run a repair of the SW installation afterwards. This should add a fresh installation of c++.

          The install files for c++(VCRedist, VCRedist9, VCRedist10, VCRedist11) is in the folder for SW installation files in a sub-folder called "prereq", and can also be installed manually after you have uninstalled the current version, but SW repair is preferable.


          SW repair is started from setup.exe in the installation folder, or from program&features in windows control panel.