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    EPDM Dispatch - Add a list of numbers

    John Tonks

      I am trying to add a list of numbers but as far as I can see, the Add function only accepts two arguments (ie Add(1,1) which returns 2).


      Is there a way of nesting the Add function.  I have tried all of the combinations of parentheses and "%" symbols in the string but I haven't managed to get anything to work.


      The reason I am doing this is that our file names follow a NNN-NNN-NNN-NNN-12345NNN.SLD*** FORMAT.


      The NNNs relate to function areas within the factory, and depending on the situation all 4 locations may be used or sometimes only 2 or 3.


      Using Dispatch, I have queried each location using the Length function which returns either 3 or 0 depending on whether the variable is populated.

      I was then planning to add the numbers then use the result as a test for a Jump statement.


      Any clues with the Add function gratefully accepted