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Moderation level ramifications to consider............

Question asked by Dave Bear on Jul 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by Dave Bear

Hi all,

After reading quite a few enlightening posts regarding moderation of posts and spam posts I found myself with the following ponderings. There is no doubt that there is a wealth of knowledge here and it is knowledge that has been gleaned through experience and therefore more often than not can be expressed in a way that is far better than any written tutorial or step-by-step text interpretation. With the way that the level moderation sits at the moment, sometimes can be hard to access that knowledge within a reasonable time frame, which at times can be frustrating. Almost as if the knowledge is for those with knowledge already, makes no sense!


I agree whole-heartedly that new-comers like myself need to be vetted when entering a forum for the first time, but consider this. I am on a 30 day evaluation trial of SolidWorks with the prospect in mind of purchasing the software. This forum (sponsored or not) represents the product and I dare say would be the back-stop for those seeking aid when using the product for the first time. Being shackled by time delays with levelled moderation does exactly enhance the experience. My personal suggestion would be that more moderators are needed if the forum is going to persist with that scenario. I have indeed had positive experiences here and an abundance of help (which I am grateful for) but I am coming from the point of view that the forum is also a selling point of the product if you like. Now I'm not exactly implying that I wouldn't purchase SolidWorks because it takes hours just to get a forum question approved but I'm sure that I'm not the only forum member who feels like they may be paying a price and being somewhat held back because of the current forum administration protocols. More moderators would catch the spam quicker, approve posts quicker and hopefully bring the levels down etc. (If you wanted to persist with levels that is)


Just my two cents for what it's worth..........