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Sketching issues in 2016

Question asked by Andrew Rabbitt on Jul 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by Patrick Musgrave

I have just recently updated from 2014 to 2016SP3 and the sketching is driving me around the bend - what did they do to it?

I have a sketch that wouldn't take a dimension without becoming overdefined.  Save, close and reopen SW and all of a sudden it's OK, but the same sketch doesn't allow me to drag any under-defined geometry.  Even dropping in a completely separate undefined line is unable to be dragged about.  Open a new sketch and dragging a new line about is possible.

The feel of the whole sketching experience is totally different and not in a good way.  Is it just buggy or do I need to be re-trained?

Anyone else having this bother in 2016?  (apart from the new look which is also really annoying!)


Grumpy Andrew.