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    Cutting Holes on a spiral surface?

    David Heller

      I am looking for help on how to cut and position holes on this spiraled surface I made?



      Can anyone help me?

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          Sindre Sorhus

          You could use the 3Dsketch option, on the position tab, in the Hole Wizard feature. Then you add construction lines to properly position the hole where you want it.

          04-07-2016 08-42-33.png


          04-07-2016 08-30-59.png


          04-07-2016 08-35-06.png

          I convertede the helix to a sketch line, and added two construdtion lines connected to the spiral to help me position the point. So the cut will go normal to the face of the spiral and all I need to do is to enter correct dimension for the postion. Instead of the dimension between two points, it could be useful to add dimension to x- and y separatly.