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Sweep cut with solid not accurate

Question asked by Paolo Comand on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by Paul Salvador

I am in trouble with sweep cut with solid. I need a simple slot wrapped an a simple cylinder, worked with a flat end mill. I try to model the slot with a solid sweep cut, but the result is far from reality. Look at the enclosed models. "Slot solid sweep.sldprt" is made as explained. "Slot curve pattern.sldprt" is made repeating a simple hole along a curve and is a good approximation of what is expected. It may be perfect if it was possible to make a continuous pattern, without discretization.

Sweep with solid cut is inaccurate because does not reproduce the real behavior of the flat round mill tip. And things becomes a nightmare when the mill dimensions becomes greater with respect of the cylinder to groove.

Tried various elaborate loft techniques and surface thickening, but simulating the behavior of the flat end of the mill is a challenge. Note that the bottom of the slot does not have sharp corners. Instead has round corners and form a continuous surface with the bottom and the walls of the slot.

Have you SW Guru some suggestion for this simple model?


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