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Cable OD value won't change in Cable Wire Library Wizard

Question asked by Jeffrey Anderson on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by Curtis Yarbrough

I am having difficulty with the Cable Wire Library Wizard.  3-4 years ago I set up standard wires that our company uses into the cable wire library wizard. I set up the cable and cores and everything.  I remember having trouble then with units because the values for cable diameters would change.  Somehow I got it to work.  Well now I am trying to add new cables for some new products and when I input a new cable, Solidworks won't allow me to change the OD of the cable. When I create the new cable, the cable just takes all of the information from the cable above it. I am then able to edit the cable name, part number, description and minimum bend radius, but it won't let me change the value of the OD or the No of Cores.  I don't really care if the No Of Cores doesn't change, but I would like the OD of the cable to reflect properly in my models.  For instance, I am creating a new cable that has over 20 wires in it and is .410 in diameter. I would like to determine where I might have problems with the cable.  Has anyone seen this issue before? I am using SW2015 SP3.0. I am also using EPDM.