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How can I get this rear engine hood to move on its hinge by using limit mates on the hydraulic cylinder?

Question asked by Thomas Angelucci on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by Fraser Port


I am trying to get the engine hood to swing open but let it stop where its supposed to by using the limit mates on the hydraulic cylinders that are connected to the hood and the engine braces. Currently there is a limit mate on the cylinder and there are also concentric and coincident mates where it connects to the hood and brace. My problem is that the hood wont swing. None of the parts are fixed and none are fully defined so I don't know why it wont move. There are also concentric mates on the hinge in the back. I have posted some more pictures below so you can gain a better understanding of what I'm working with. If any one knows how to get this hood to move, please leave a detailed response. Thanks a million!