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Macro to apply Smart Dims to face of part.

Question asked by Kevin Collins on Jul 1, 2016

I'm wondering if anyone out there in API land has a macro that can help solve a problem we're having.


We need a macro that will allow our manufacturing engineer to select any face on a part and apply the overall dimensions of that face as annotations / smart dims / dimxpert dimensions in the model space.  If possible, I would like it to add the words "Cut Size" after the dimension on each of the two dimensions being displayed.


A little background on where this is coming from:  our management has put forth a mandate saying engineering is no longer allowed to produce 2D drawings, and all production must be done using the 3D geometry.  We are predominately a wood plant, so CNC programs written directly from the Solidworks files handle 85% of our needs.  The other 15% are simple square cut panels.  We are trying to reduce operator error when measuring parts in a viewer by giving them the cut size in the model.


It seems like a simple macro so I'm hoping someone out there can help me out. 


I also realize it doesn't take long to manually dimension the overalls on the face of a part, but due to time constraints if we can save a few seconds here or there we need to.


Thanks in advance for all your help!