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    Solidworks won't Open

    Nils Justen

      Hi everyone,


      I currently have a 13" Macbook Pro and recently installed Fusion 8 to run the educational version of Windows 10 on my mac using an emulator. Running windows has worked very well so far and I did not encounter any problems.


      Next I downloaded the 2015-2016 edition of SolidWorks along with SolidWorks Electrical and Solidworks Composer through a kind of student download using the setup assistant. As member of the FSAE team I was provided with the serial numbers necessary for the download.


      When I moved from the download to the install step, the installation of one component failed 2-3 times; I continued to install the packages which hadn't  failed and Windows restarted twice to install some updates during this process. In the end it said that the installation was successfully completed, and all three icons (Electrical, Composer and SolidWorks) appear on my desktop. When I click on both Electrical and Composer I was able to enter my information and those two add ons appear to be working without a problem.


      My issue is that when I click on the actual Solidworks icon nothing happens. I tried re-opening the setup assistant, but the option to install the software is gone and it only gives me the option to modify the installed program. This makes me think that Solidworks was installed successfully, I just don't know why it won't open.


      Any help in figuring this out is appreciated. Thanks!

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          Jeff Mirisola

          My first inclination is your issue is because you're using an unsupported OS. SolidWorks only supports the 'Professional' version of Windows. So, while SolidWorks may have installed, the OS may be missing components that allow SolidWorks to run.

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              Thank you for your reply!


              This issue did not occur to me because Composer and Electrical appear to be working fine, but after doing some more digging I came up with this: It sounds like SolidWorks student edition is only meant to run on Windows 7 or 8, so trying to launch it on 10 will cause it to crash. If this is the problem, then the way around this would be run SolidWorks in Windows 8 compatibility mode which should fix the issue.