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Issue with variables in mutliple office documents

Question asked by Stephen Lapic on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by Lee CS Young

To put it simply I have an excel document (Doc A) with data that I want to be used in other documents. Now for the complex part –


One person will create Doc A off of a master outside of the vault at the very early stages of a project. Once the project gets the OK a second person runs the template to create a multi-level project folder in the vault that will pre-populate several forms with the values of the variables that were inputted by that second person.  Doc A is then added at the top level of the folder structure by the first person. There is info in Doc A that I want to put on to other word and excel files that are located lower in the project folder structure.


I can get a hold of the Doc A master file and add variables to the necessary cells as well as managing all the other documents to have the appropriate variables as well.  I know I will need to add the variables to the data cards and the folder cards as well.


But I don’t think that is enough.  I don’t see how the values in Doc A will get into the folder card to trickle down to the lower files.  If I could get it into the top level project
folder card, then I could use “Update values in files …”.


Any suggestions?  Is this even possible or is it a pipe dream?