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    installation wizard

    Zorro Calvin

      for some reason i connot install solidworks 2015 on my computer. its a gaming computer so i have more then enough computing power. i just installed theses same files withmy work computer so i know all the codes and authentiction is correct.im haveing trouble loading the insallation wizard. the setup.exe file. any suggestions? i pulled all the files off my thumb drive and directly onto the hard drive but that didnt help. the main error code i'M getting is that my composer player pro serial number is incomplete.All i want is for the program i paid for to work. Please Help my shop is very busy.





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          Jeff Holliday

          Just to clarify - are you having trouble with installing SW2015, Composer or both? If it is SW2015 I would not try to include Composer first, then do that after SW installs.


          Also, what are the specifics of your computer - Win 10/8/7, graphics card? The fact that it is a "gaming" computer doesn't guarantee it will work well with SW.

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            Sindre Sorhus


            Is composer checked on the serial number page? If you don't have the license number for composer player pro, it should not be checked.

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                hey guys, thanks for the fast replys. I am running windows 7(64-bit). with a solid state drive as my boot drive. a 3TB drive for program and file space. 16GB RAM. Quad core I5 processor (i think it is), plus my AMD graphics card. yes i checked both boxes for the composer and composer pro because i have both serial numbers for them. the first message said the composer ser. # was wrong. it should have 2 less characters then all the other ser. #s, but the serial number i have for it fills all the boxes as it should. so im really scratching my head here. thanks for the help.

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                    Sindre Sorhus

                    Some thoughts.

                    Is the installation done via remote desktop? There have been some problems with rights to write serials into registry through remote connection. And you need administrator rights to install SolidWorks and Composer etc. Have you tried to rmb the setup.exe and select run as administrator?

                    What Jeff Holliday said about just installing SW first, could help you over this issue. After you have installed SW, go to control panel->programs&features and select change on the solidworks program. Then you can go in and modify the installation and add your license for composer+player pro to install it.