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    What is the packing order for control points in CreateBSplineSurface?

    Brad Phelan

      I'm trying to use IModeller::CreateBSplineSurface


      2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - CreateBsplineSurface Method (IModeler)


      However the API wishes me to pack the control points into a double[] array. It makes some obscure remark about reversing the control points but does not really make clear if control points are packed in column wise or row wise. Can anybody clarify this.


      Is it ( for example a U=3 and V=3 control point array ) packed as


      [u0v0, u0v1, u0v2, u1v0, u1v1, u1v2, u2v0, u2v1, u2v2]




      [u0v0, u1v0, u2v0, u0v1, u1v1, u2v1, u0v2, u1v2, u2v2]