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Part configuration grouping - Display configurations with the same name as one item

Question asked by Jason Lackey on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2019 by Solid Air

Hello all,


Does anyone use this option enough to explain the proper way to set up parts for this.  Currently, it only somewhat works.  For parts that have unique part numbers per configuration, I create actual configurations.  For parts that have different configurations for visual purposes only, I create derived configurations, and set the BOM option p/n to 'link to parent config":


When I place a BOM on the drawing, my default PCG option is display configs of the same part as separate...", but for assys where I have parts with reference configs, I set it to the option listed in the title.  The parts that have hard configs maintain the correct count for each config, but the parts that have the derived config only partially work.  By that I mean, one or two of the parts combine correctly, but others still show as separate line items.  In the shot below, items 5 and 6 are two separate derived configs.  Item 7 is a part that is set up with the same derived config options, but although both configs are used in the assy, it effectively combines them to one row. 



Any one else run into this?



J. Lackey