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Large Assembly Drawings

Question asked by James Rhys-Davies on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by Steve Calvert

We have a *lot* of trouble with large assembly and specifically large assembly drawings. We have one "large" assembly (it's really not that large, but we can't find a reason why it acts like a large assembly, maybe because it has so many configurations?) that is placed into drawings. Each drawing contains a sub-set of the configurations (approx 3-5 different configs of the one assembly). Each drawing has a front page with the BOM for all the configurations and one iso of one config. The remaining pages are dedicated to individual configs with a top, front, right, iso view and extremely basic dimensions (width, height, length).


That's all we're doing with the drawing and I don't really think it's that complicated, but it takes 11:30 minutes to open one drawing and I'm at 25:00 minutes right now trying to get the latest version of the assembly from the vault with no end in sight. All total it will take us over an hour to open, get latest version, sort part numbers again, fill out revision block, check each page really quick, and re-save...all for just one drawing. We have 14 of these drawings, so that's well over two days worth of work just to update and save and it requires such a little amount of human interaction that we are twiddling our thumbs for most of that time. This can't be done with task scheduler because we need to fill out the revision block and re-sort the BOM.


I have a SolidBox and while I'm sure there's room for improvement, my computer isn't even maxing out the CPU Usage and Memory as it is. I have gone through and simplified everything that I possible can. Our large assembly contains nothing but configured sub-assemblies that are fixed in space. I have watched almost every large-assembly tip/tricks/how-to video that I can find and put most of those things into practice.


Does anybody have any suggestions on improving this at all? Maybe we need to make individual drawings for each configuration (not ideal, but possible)? Maybe we need to speedpak the whole assembly, but if we do that can we still add basic dimensions? Those speedpaks will have to be updated on the part level every time we go through this process anyways.


Please help us!