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Where Used error for single user

Question asked by Bryan Nathan on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by Tim Webb

A coworker found a strange error. We have a file DB0081 which contains the DS0064. This shows correctly in the Bill of Materials as well as Contains tabs. However, when he clicks on the "Where Used" tab of the DS0064 it does not show the DB0081. The strange thing is that this only occurs with his username. We could recreate the problem on my computer if he was logged in. However, if I'm logged in on either machine the problem goes away. See screen shots below.


The problem occurs with a few other files as well. One thing I noticed was that his Where Used does not show the original DS0064.slddrw version either. That version was created when we did our initial migration into EPDM which occurred before he was hired on (thus his username did not exists when it was made).





I tried looking for something in the user settings which looked out of place, but I didn't see anything.


We are still using EPDM 2015 so maybe this issue has been solved. If so it will give me more firepower to get our IT guy to upgrade us to 2016!