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how to Solve !!!! Copied filess maintain the link to the original assembly?

Question asked by Mohamed Abdel Moniem on Aug 4, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2008 by Douglas Coughlin
I created a master assembly With Bottom Up approach with only the holes are created in Context of the assembly. Then I copied the master Assembly with all the drawings for the parts to another folder and then I use SW Explorer to rename the files in the new folder to create another Size from the same assembly. While renaming the files In SW Explorer I realized that in the "update where used list", it lists all the other Assemblies where this part were used. My question is how to break the link between the part and the assemblies it was used in. and If it couldn't I wan to know does that affect the original copy of the part in the other assemblies or not?
I wish that I Explained my point well
Thanks In advance