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    Advice on part/assembly root directory change

    Chris L'Esperance

      Hi there, I'm looking for advice on making a root directory change.


      Up until a short while ago, I kept all SW data (.sldprt, .sldasm) files between the local paths:


      C:/<directory A>/<directory B>/hwlib (.sldprt, .sldasm)

      C:/<directory A>/<directory B>/dwlib (design library items)

      C:/<directory A>/<directory B>/symlib (2D schematic symbols)


      These directories were automatically backed up to cloud storage using an application/service called Seafile.  My workstation recently died.  I'm currently in the process of restoring these directories on a refurbished machine.  I would like to pull the directories hwlib, dlib and symlib down from cloud storage, synchronizing to the locations:






      I'd like to avoid any issues such as having to manually point to every part file referenced in an assembly following the migration, on opening an existing assembly for the first time.  Can anyone give me any advice on best practices for restoring my files?  I'm not entirely familiar with any built-in functionality of SW for handling data e.g. vault, however, I suspect that someone may bring this to my attention.  I'm looking for a quick fix in the interim, certainly open to exploring better practices longer term.


      My apologies if I am not posting this question to the best possible location.

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          Jenny Johnson

          Are there sub-folders in those paths? If not you are in luck - just add the new paths to the search paths in SolidWorks.  It will look there first. 

          Look up Search Routine for Referenced Documents in the Help - it will explain it better.


          If there are sub folders - you will need to add in each sub folder path.

          A PDM system would help you moving forward but this should get you back up and running.



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              Chris L'Esperance

              Thank you kindly for the remarks, Jenny.  In one of the library paths, I have a directory structure which looks like:


              /hwlib/<manufacturer>/<part number>


              It would be rather painstaking to add all of these sub-paths manually.  The other two directories mentioned above are less complex, I could easily add all of the sub-folders manually.  I'll look into the help documentation (here) you mentioned.  Maybe the manual work involved is enough to justify moving to a PDM.