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Is there a way to do something so that it uses both features the Swept Boss/Base and Lofted Boss/Base?

Question asked by Lawrence Nelmida on Jun 27, 2016
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When it comes to the "a Helical Mixing Element (3 inch).SLDPRT" file, I'm trying to make it the same way as "Middle Helical Mixing Element (3 inch).SLDPRT". I'm trying to think of something so that the thickness goes up from 0.06 inch to 0.12 inch as it goes along the length. I've made my middle helical mixing element through Swept Boss/Base feature so that it can twist 180 degrees as it goes along the length. Is it possible to make a helical mixing element so that it does the same thing except that the 0.06 inch goes up to 0.12 inch while maintaining the same radius? Please reply as soon as you can.