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2016 Rapid Dimension Problems

Question asked by Skylar Hagler on Jun 27, 2016

So, apparently in SW16, you can dimension between more than 2 things, but can't turn that option off. This is causing me some issues with the rapid dimension tool. When I try to create a dimension between two lines with the rapid dimension tool, it tries to select the second line again, and then fails. Now in order to use it, I have to move my cursor to the edge of the selector

before I click, where I used to be able to basically double click on the second line and it would create the dimension. I realize that this sounds like a tiny inconvenience, but I've done dimensions this way for so long that its second nature now. I've created an ER for it and I'll post the SPR here when I get one. I'd appreciate any votes for it so my office can have this option.