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SW crashing after trying to access a weldment profile

Question asked by Leon Whotton on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by Scott Lyon



I am having a few problems with my weldment profiles. It all started this morning when i wanted to create a unistrut profile in weldments, so, rather than download a batch of unistrut profiles (i only intend to use a couple) i decided to draw them and save them in my weldment folder, with my tube, pipes etc, in a new folder called (imaginatively) 'unistrut'.


This is where my problem started, i did manage to import the profile but it just stayed a sketch profile and wouldn't behave like a weldment should, i.e it wouldn't extrude down a given path.


The next stage was to have a look at the profile , all seemed ok, but still it wouldn't extrude to the highlighted path.


So i then tried in another sketch just to make sure the problem was sketch specific, and now i have a further problem in that as soon as try to access the weldment feature i get this...




I now cannot access any weldment profiles in solidworks?


If i click ok then SW crashes (unexpected problem occurred).


I have tried repairing the programme, but it has made no difference.


I have deleted my unistrut drawings out of the weldment folder, along with the folder itself.


I currently doing a large fabrication part so weldments are vital, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards.