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    change symbol font

    Gerard Boterman

      When I place a dimension in a certain, e.g. bold font, why is the diameter symbol not bold  - how to set this to use the same font as my dimension?

      If I place a dimension with dual units, one is placed inside square brackets - how to set this to use the same font as my dimension?

      Symbols and brackets always seem to have a skinny 'single' line thickness, making a dimensional drawing look horrible.

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          Sindre Sorhus

          Hello Gerard,


          This is something that you should set up one time and save it as a drawing template. Then you will always get your preferred fonts for different details on the drawing.

          First open a new drawing and click on Tools-->Options and select the tab for Document properties. See the images below for the sections where you can define different font. Within the font settings you can define if it will be bold or narrow and so on. All the fonts installed in windows is accessible for selection within the manager.

          27-06-2016 09-41-23.png

          27-06-2016 09-42-19.png

          27-06-2016 09-42-27.png

          27-06-2016 09-42-31.png

          27-06-2016 09-42-49.png

          And last save the drawing as a template that you can reuse when you make a new drawing.

          27-06-2016 09-48-40.png


          This should cover it.