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Fill In Complex Surface From IGES Import

Question asked by Shayne Wright on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by Paul Salvador

I have received a customers part that was sent in IGES format, and when it imported there were many gaps and other issues and when I attempted to heal them, they did not heal properly, then I just imported the part and I am trying to attempt to convert to a solid body.  I have to make some modification on the inside of the part.  (The part will be 3D printed with some steel inserts for additional strength).


I have been able to get the main body of the part converted (gray section), however the lip (green, magenta) is still hollow surfaces.  To complicate the issue there is draft involved and so odd grooves.


Is there a way to just basically fill in the area inside the lip and merge everything together?  My plan is to have the new part, and hide all of the imported surfaces.  Note there is a surface missing on the bottom, that I'm not sure why it did not import


The attached part is currently in a section view, so that I could show the open cavity.