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    What is the stability of VSTA macros vs. VBA macros?

    Tim Lewis

      I just stumbled on this article: Macros vs Add-ins vs Stand-Alones.  In the section on macros, they say the following: "When running from outside VSTA, use a compiled DLL. In my experience, however, these DLLs are unstable and for that reason I do not recommend using .NET macros as a serious part of your company’s workflow."


      In everyone's experience here, is that an accurate statement?


      I ask because I've been writing macros in VBA for a while now and have been seriously considering learning C# so I can switch to VSTA because I've been having issues with the VBA editor crashing and corrupting my files (either that, or not saving my work when I tell it to save).  But if the programs I write in the VSTA editor end up being more unstable than those written in the VBA editor, then I guess I'll just have to make do with what I've been doing.