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Adding fuse block and fuse to symbol with correct rating shown

Question asked by Kassym Dorsel on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by Tim Pulaski

Hopefully somebody has figured out the best way to add both the fuses and fuse block to a mark/symbol and still get the correct attributes to be displayed on the drawing.


I have added a fuse symbol to wires and want to add 1 fuse block and three fuses to the same symbol. On the drawing I want the attributes of the fuses to show up, or at least have a logical way of presenting both.




I have added a fuse block rated for 60A and fuses rated for 40A. I have played around with making different components a "base" and a "auxiliary" to no avail. I know I can just hide one of the attributes from being displayed, but that's not really a solution to the actual problem, just hiding it.


This is what the manufacturer part and circuits looks like:



Any thoughts?