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Model a T-Shirt

Question asked by Sean Trainor on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by Sean Trainor

Looking for advice on a modelling and rendering issue I have.

I need to create a model of a t-shirt or long sleeved top which can be used as a template for different graphics and textures to be applied. I then need to set the scene, background etc and then render. I am looking to really show off the rendering capabilities of Photoview and Visualize Professional.


I have started to model a shirt in 2016, but as you can see it's not going so good. I have been trying to follow the steps put up on GrabCAD with no success. I then tried to skip the modelling part and use a file from GrabCAD to attempt and perfect my render skills. This particular one is going to be for Peppa Pig pyjamas, which explains the background, colour etc :-)

This next step I would like to do is apply images to the shirt but I believe the split faces of the shirt are going to create a problem here.


Is anyone else out there using Solidworks to design and render fabrics, clothing etc? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.