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More Environment controls

Question asked by Rob Rodríguez on Aug 4, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2008 by Rob Rodríguez
I created an image this week of an exploded mold view using PhotoWorks with the Satin Steel appearance and a custom image and settings for the environment. See attached images. The client asked for a 14000 pixel image so I thought this might be a good test for PhotoView since it's just one material on all the parts and it needs to have good detail and be reflective.

I opend the model in PV and immediately had issues. Try as I might I could not create a PV view close to my PW view. The camera controls in PV really need work. They are not intuative at all and I feel as though I'm fighting the camera most of the time rather than using it.

Even though I couldn't get the camera view I wanted I applied the Satin Steel material and began rendering. I tried a bunch of different environments but I just couldn't get the reflective metal look I was after. There are no controls for the reflectiveness of materials in the material properties (none that I could see) and there are no controls specific to the environment for this. I would like to see all the controls available on the ENVIRONMENT tab of the PW scene editor in PV as well as the ability to use your own environment image.

I've attached a bunch of images all with the material and evnvironment in the file name. I tried the satin steel, polished steel and machined steel materials with 2 different environments.