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Flexible Sub-assemblies - Help!

Question asked by 1-FMG8RS on Aug 1, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2008 by Basil Gello
I have a Top Assembly with a Sub-Assembly inside of it. I am trying to create a 'Motion Study' (within the Top Assembly), of components in the Sub-Assembly (which has been set to 'Flexible'). I am unable to modify the existing mates of components in the Sub, in fact I receive an error 'a flexible assembly cannot be edited in place'. Surely there is a way to animate your Sub within your Top! I am new to SW (and Motion Study animations), any help greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

ps: I've got it to work only if I add, say, 2 mates for a comp. in the Sub and let one float - then add the final (moveable) mate in the Top. But is the a way to keep all mates in the Sub and get it to work?
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