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Toolbox Custom Properties

Question asked by 1-F3U20Q on Aug 1, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2008 by Sal Lama
I have copied the standard ANSI Inch library and given it a name unique to our company. I then went through and disabled all of the items that I do not what our users to have access too.

For now Toolbox will only be used for Bolts, Washers, Lock Washers, Nuts. One step at a time.

After disabling all the bearings and what not, I have disabled all the sizes, lengths, thread displays that we will not need. Also on the Properties Tab I added the custom properties we need for each configuration.

Before editing anything else I stopped and tested this so far. For now, only "Hex Bolt" shows up in the Design Library, under Toolbox. This works exactly as I set it up. I drug a bolt into an assembly, and all off the custom properties I added show up in the Property Manager, along with others I don't want. But, so far so good.

So, now I return to the Toolbox Configure Data dialog. I go to the "All Configurations" tab and wonder where my custom properties are? Anyone? Anyone? I would have thought they would show up as columns in the table. I hope I'm doing something wrong. Is the only way to populate these new fields at the time the configuration is actually inserted into model?

More testing. If when I insert a Toolbox fastener into an assembly, and I fill in the custom properties I created, the parts work just fine with my BOM. But! Do I really have to rely on our users to populate this information accurately? Seems like using Excels functionality to automatically populate these fields would be a far better idea.

However regardless of how I try exporting to Excel, adding columns (for my custom properties), adding information to the table, and reimporting, I cant populate any of our unique custom properties. Other then at the time I insert something into an assembly

A little more back round. We use a unique part number and description for everything. Fasteners included. Our BOM's are populated with the custom properties "Part" for part number and "Description" for description. These fields, among others, are present in our part and assembly files. And I see no reason that Toolbox files should be any different.

By the way, this is so easy to do from the Design Library with a fastener I create. I'm just trying to understand Toolbox, and what benefit we can get from it.

- Mike