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export settings registry file

Discussion created by Ricky Gutierrez on Aug 1, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2008 by 1-9235V8
I made an admin image from SW2008 SP4.0 and included our companies Settings registry file which holds the server location for all our sheet templates (we have several since we are basically an overflow design comp). All went great with the installation but there was one wierd thing. The settings imported fine into the User who was logged on during the installation (me as Admin) but when the designer logged on all the tool bar settings were missing. The file locations and the core system settings imported fine but the toolbars were all "Screwy"

So my grief is i had to send that registry file to all the designers and have them install it themselves. I like most CAD Admins (I would hope) like for installs and upgrades to have no impact on the user. With that said I found it annoying that the settings were only fully implemented on the user profile that created the installation. Maybe i did something wrong during the set up of the Admin Image but either case everything is well oiled now.