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    Ruled surface trim

    Brian Cayer

      Can anyone tell me how to get this ruled surface to taper inward?

      Change direction only makes it go to the back.

      This is part of an lesson on page 224 of the book that comes with the Advanced Surface Modeling Class by SW

        • Ruled surface trim
          Ricky Gutierrez
          Looks to me from the picture there that the ruled surface is being created from a surface which has a curvature on it. In this case the ruled surface will be generated in either of two directions normal to the creation surface or tangent. you have selected normal it looks like. I am not sure if it will work but maybe a lofted surface to a point and then using another place to trim that place.
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              Brian Cayer

              So by the sound of your reply I can't taper the ruled surface inward.

              The book is telling me to use Ruled surface, tapered to vector, @ 20 deg. to the Reference vector ( front plane ) facing inward x 25MM long using the three edges I have selected.

              There is a button for alternate side but it's grayed out.

              The SolidWorks Advanced Surface Modeling training book must be wrong in this instance.

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                  Jerry Steiger

                  This is a really screwy interface. I didn't discover the answer until I had played around with it for quite some time. To get the taper to go in the other direction you do use the Alternate Side button that is grayed out. To get it to become active, you have to click on the edges in the Edge Selection box. You can select them one at a time or ctrl select or shift select.

                  When you first select an edge in the model window it highlights in the Edge Selection box and you think that the Alternate Side button would be available, but you have to click on the edge in the box to activate the button. The next edge you select in the model window will go back to the "normal" side, so you have to select it in the box and hit the alternate side again. This gets pretty tedious, so the best method is to select all of the edges in the model window and then ctrl or shift select them all in the box and switch them all at once.

                  I would call this one a bug.
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                      Brian Cayer

                      Ok, this is the third time I've tried to reply properly and assign the answer to the correct party.

                      It's threatening rain and I've got to cut my grass so I will just say thanks and I will check it out in the AM


                      Edit; It's Monday morning and your remedy works fine. It is certainly an omission on the Help file for Ruled Surfaces.

                      Can anyone tell me how to assign the answer to a thread to the answering person and not ones self?