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Assembly Cut views go bad.

Question asked by Phil Marra on Aug 1, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2008 by Phil Marra
I typically make drawings from assembly cut views, that is I make an assy. cut of a mold and save it as a config. named A-A, B-B ect. I then insert the config in a drawing and procede to add BOMs, balloons some dims. centerlines, notes,hatching......
I save the drawing either as a single drawing with multiple views on sheets, or as a single drawing, in which case I put each view on a separate sheet. Or at times depending on the size of the tool I place all the views on one sheet. The problem arises when I reopen the drawings, usually the assy. cut config views are messed up as if the assy model needs a rebuild. So I have to go to the assy and rebuild, once that is complete the drawing will be back to the way I saved it. If I have multiple assy cut configs (B-B, C-C, ect) I must go through each assy config and rebuild before I can work on or print that drawing, or sheet.
There is a reason I do it this way, right or wrong all I can say is it worked beautifully until SW 2006. Again I presented an example to my tech. support (in 2006 and was never given an answer, I told him it appeared to be a bug and it went nowhere. I am thinking it all came about when display states came on board, its hard to remember back that far. So I have worked this way since and it has been a colosal waste of time. I have attached pdf's showing the way I saved the drawing (good) and the way they open up. You can see dangling dims. and parts that appear not cut with overlaying hatch.
Any Ideas?