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    Assembly Cut views go bad.

    Phil Marra
      I typically make drawings from assembly cut views, that is I make an assy. cut of a mold and save it as a config. named A-A, B-B ect. I then insert the config in a drawing and procede to add BOMs, balloons some dims. centerlines, notes,hatching......
      I save the drawing either as a single drawing with multiple views on sheets, or as a single drawing, in which case I put each view on a separate sheet. Or at times depending on the size of the tool I place all the views on one sheet. The problem arises when I reopen the drawings, usually the assy. cut config views are messed up as if the assy model needs a rebuild. So I have to go to the assy and rebuild, once that is complete the drawing will be back to the way I saved it. If I have multiple assy cut configs (B-B, C-C, ect) I must go through each assy config and rebuild before I can work on or print that drawing, or sheet.
      There is a reason I do it this way, right or wrong all I can say is it worked beautifully until SW 2006. Again I presented an example to my tech. support (in 2006 and was never given an answer, I told him it appeared to be a bug and it went nowhere. I am thinking it all came about when display states came on board, its hard to remember back that far. So I have worked this way since and it has been a colosal waste of time. I have attached pdf's showing the way I saved the drawing (good) and the way they open up. You can see dangling dims. and parts that appear not cut with overlaying hatch.
      Any Ideas?

        • Assembly Cut views go bad.
          David Edwards
          Can you achieve the same results by using section views of your assembly, rather than using configurations? Another option might be to save the section views in the view pallet then insert them into the drawings. I have never personally done that but it should work out.
            • Assembly Cut views go bad.
              Phil Marra
              If you are asking about a section view of the assy. from a 2d parent view, no I cannot. Here is why, in the Mold World we not only look at everything in reverse (prob. the source of many of my SW and in general life problems) but we create unconventional drawing wiews to dipict the molld assy. in 2d. A typical mold assy. drawing layout consists of an ejector plan view, a cover plan view and some assy. sections, A-A, B-B, ect.
              The plan view of the ejector side of the tool is a view looking down on the parting line or the where the mold opens. Therefore in that config. all the cover side related components are either supressed or turned off. Once a drawing is made from that assy. config called EJ side, if you try to take a 2d section through it you will get a section view that only shows the parts in the EJ config.
              Here is where I say things get unconventional. What we need to see in that section view is the full mold EJ and Cover side all shown. I had had other users say "just go to the feature mngr. and in that section view chose to show the parts you want to be seen." That in turn makes the part visible in the Ej plan view, not good! Also I prefer to have section views with no hatching, then I do hatching where I see a need to dilineate between parts. when taking section views in 2d everything hets hatched.
                • Assembly Cut views go bad.
                  Eddie Cyganik


                  For the record and to possibly give you some alternative solutions for drawing views and drawing manipulation:

                  Create a view, cut a section, then RMB on the section view to access its properties.

                  Now, using the Drawing View Property Manager,

                  ...select the "Hide/Show Components" tab, then select those component that you do not want to show.

                  ...select the "Section Scope" tab, then select those component that will not be cut.

                  Lastly, RMB on Section View and select "Isometric Section View".

                  There are limitations and some idiosyncrasies but all in all, these functions should provide some alternatives.
                    • Assembly Cut views go bad.
                      Phil Marra
                      Thanks, I'll give it a try and let ya know. It is just frustrating to know that this method worked perfectly until about SW 07 and when I reported it as a digression thats about as far as it went. Although my methods may not be viewed as "conventional" it was a work around that worked and still does with alot of pain and anguish, and I feel it should be looked into. I have hundreds of jobs that were constructed that way and now when ever I go back to them I need to spend time rebuilding many views before I am able to print. I was so hoping again that it was something I did as far as a changed setting ect. that could be easily rectified. Not to be!