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    Why have my dimensions suddenly turned blue?

    Tristan Jolly
      Since installing 08, when I add a dimension to any view the dimension is blue. However in system options/colours, non of my dimensions are set to the colour blue? However when I dimension using hole call out, those details are black, as expected.

      Any help would be much appreciated
        • Why have my dimensions suddenly turned blue?
          David Stone
          I assume you mean dimension colours in a drawing and not in a sketch of a part?

          On that basis it sounds like some of your dimensions are going on the wrong layer (maybe border text layer?). If you open the layer toolbar (VIEW - TOOLBARS - LAYER) and make sure all of your dimensions are on the required dimension layer - this should make them all the required colour.

          Alternatively, if they are on the correct layer but are still the wrong colour (which does happen for some reason) you can modify the default colour of a selected feature (dimension/balloon etc) using the Line Format toolbar (VIEW - TOOLBARS - LINE FORMAT)
          • Why have my dimensions suddenly turned blue?
            Roland Schwarz
            Maybe they're not getting enough oxygen?
              • Why have my dimensions suddenly turned blue?
                Wayne Tiffany
                Thanks - I needed that this morning. :-)

                  • Why have my dimensions suddenly turned blue?
                    Phil Marra
                    I have a similar problem in drawings when I add a hatch. I typically have 5 hatch layers labed hatch-1, hatch-2....... Each layer has a different color assigned to it.
                    If I want to manually add hatching to a part in an assembly view (in a drawing)I need to first activate that layer then do my hatch. Prior to 08 I was able to hatch everything I wanted then change layers of the hatch to have alternating colors for clarity. In 08 it will show that the hatch layer was changed but the color will retain the color of the layer it was created on. So I am thinking you may need to be sure you are in your dimension layer or the layer that has the color you want when you do your dimensioning, however I will add that other than hatching and centerlines I have not had a problem switching notes or dims to other layers and having them take on the proper layer color.