Wayne Tiffany

Dynamic Highlight turning off - one reason

Discussion created by Wayne Tiffany on Jul 31, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2008 by James Canney
I have struggled recently with the fact that whenever I would move or rotate my model with my 3DConnexion SpacePilot, I found that the Dynamic Highlight and Display Dimensions Flat to Screen would turn off. I know they turn off by themselves occasionally, with no explanation, but I finally figured out that it was the use of my controller that was doing it pretty much every time I used it.

The end result to fix that situation was to hit the calibrate button. Hmm, why?

What I found out was that their software turns those settings off every time as it rotates, and then turns them back on when you stop. It makes sense in that it reduces the video load. But what was happening is that it was out just a bit - enough for it to think it was still in a move mode, but not enough for me to see the model walk off the screen. By calibrating it, it then knew I had stopped and would turn those settings back on properly.

It used to work - what made it go out? Who knows - maybe storms, plugging and unplugging to use it on another machine, etc. Don't know, but now it apprears to work.

So hopefully this will save someone else the headache that I went through to figure it out.