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BOM losses functions after "save as"

Question asked by 1-BZIQGG on Jul 31, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2008 by 1-BZIQGG
I have a BOM template .sldbomtbt that was created 3/22/06 it has an equation that multiplies weight by qty to give total weight per item and works great. When I do a save as to a new location (desktop, new file folder on my C drive or to the vault) and insert the "new" BOM into my drawing the equation weight column now has "0" for my total weights. If within the same drawing on a diffrent sht I insert the same model and use the "old" BOM template the weight column is filled in with the proper calculated weights. Has anyone had this problem? We are running 2007 sp5.0 with PDMworks Enterprise.