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    Version/Revision confusion

    Jason Ebersole
      I don't have CAD experience and little documentation experience. I'm an IT guy, so my perspective is a bit different than most you.

      I find the version & revision referencing a little confusing. For instance, using the out-of-the-box default workflow and it's revisioning scheme, I have a SWPart that is showing M-13 on the "Contains" tab Version field, but in the below window it shows 17/17 in the version column.

      I know that the "17" increments anytime the file is checked out and back in, and the M-13 increments when the file runs through the workflow, but what is the proper way to look at these two different numbers to avoid confusion?

      - jason
        • Version/Revision confusion
          Brian Slick
          What are asking? It appears that you have one scheme that contains a letter, and the other does not. Is that not sufficient to distinguish?
            • Version/Revision confusion
              Jeremy Schmidt
              I also found this somewhat confusing when I first got into PDMWE. As you stated, a new version is created every time a change is made to a document on the vault. So basically, every time a document is checked in that has been modified since the last checkin. A revision is a value that is generally applied to let you know about the workflow process. For example, every time a document reaches the approved state in workflow, an incremental revision number is applied. But revisions can be used in many different ways. Hopefully that helps a little.
                • Version/Revision confusion
                  Jeff Hallgren
                  One way to think of this is a powerpoint presenetation you are working on. For example: you start the power point and check it in. Version 1. Now you check it out, make a few changes adda few pages etc then check it in. Version 2. You keep doing this until you feel the presentation is ready to give. Now you put it through the workflow state where the revision is incremented. It is now revision A, version 3.

                  Now, you give this presentation to the first customer. After that you realize it can be better based on their feedback. You go into PDMWE, check out the file and make more changes going through the check in/check out process until the version is 17. Once again you go through the workflow state to increment the revision. It is now revision B, version 18.

                  The only two items that really mater are revisions A & B. B is the latest presentation. If another person now needs to give this presentation they use revision B. The versions are just the working copies tracking the history of each change.

                  Hope this helps a little.