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    Beam Structures & Joint Control

    Ben Floan
      I was hoping to be able to model a simple beam structure such that I could approximate member forces in gusset supports as well as reaction forces of the ground connection.

      I defined a custom profile of cross section and created structural members along defined path which was devised for placement of loading.

      My main complaint is lack of control over beam joint location and neutral axis.

      Am I missing something simple since I have used other codes where it is possible to define wireframe sketch and assign I/A values to the beam element.

      Notice the two attached pictures with primary difference being the sketch used to define the path of structural elements.

      Thanks for the help,
        • Beam Structures & Joint Control
          Adam Sandler

          You should submit an enhancement request for improved control over joint definition. I just submitted the same a few days ago. Currently it is frustratingly limited.

          As far as I know it is not possible to mesh a wireframe sketch and assign real constants to the beam elements in CWx (this would be another good enhancement request).

          You might try CosmosM/Geostar if your license gives you access to it and if you have plenty of time to spend on it.