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    Live dimension display in motion study animation

    Mark Dillon

      Hi Guys,


      I have created an animation using a motion study which shows a gangway connecting two boats; see first attachment.


      I want to create a similar animation that has a live display of the length of this gangway as the boats move, ideally be in the form of moving bar chart.

      This is indicated by second attachment.


      Not sure if this can be done in Solidworks (2016) however any help is appreciated.


      In the case that Solidworks cannot do this directly I would expect this would involve getting simulation to output a data file detailing the distance between the ends of the gangway at various points in time and then utilizing a program which can create a moving bar chart with the data file as its input. I would then need to layer one on top of the other. Good in theory but i have no idea how to do any of this. Hoping you all can offer some help.





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          Flemming Tiedemann

          Hi Mark, Mailed you directly, but one way to model this could be as follows:


          See attached, a simple example of how it could be done:


          I inserted a part representing the bar/Scale in this assembly containing 2 components,  - one moving, - added a plane to the moving component to have a fixed position and inserted an assembly cut referencing/placed on the plane, cutting the bar. As it now moves in motion the cut moves with it – resulting in a sliding bar.

          I added a  parametric note in the model for the fun of it –  I first added the reference dimension into a custom property first - then linked a note to this custom property, - this way you can choose font and colour of the text as well.


          I think with a bit of arranging you could get a reasonable result.


          Hope this will give you some inspiration.




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            Deepak Gupta

            I would do the same thing as Flemming has suggested. You can link the two distance mates and as the boat move away, the plane for cutting the bar would move along. This would be best and easy way to accomplish what you are looking for.


            Nice animation btw