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    Two Tesla K80 Cards, 0MB Video Ram?

    Manuel Weikert

      Hi all,


      i have a machine with Windows Server 2012 R2, and two Tesla K80 cards for electrical field simulation.

      Now i'm trying to get visualize working with that two tesla cards, but there is just CPU rendering available.


      Here is my Systeminfo:




      Each of that two K80 cards has somethin like 24GB of memory installed...

      What about that 0MB of video memory?


      Could it be an issue, that i have just this Tesla cards installed, and no dedicated for VGA?

      Also, i'm remote logged in via RDP on that machine.


      Thanks for any pointers,


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          Nicolas Michel-Imbert

          Strange, it looks like your K80s are not detected.

          I'm seeing four reasons may be possible to that :


          - Your driver isn't up to date

          - Visualize is'nt able to recognize the GK210 architecture (you have 4 GPU like that on your machine) which is quite new

          - Visualize don't like the remote control of your machine (strange because mine works fine with TeamViewer)

          - ECC mode isn't available on Visualize, which cause issues


          BTW, you have to notice that even if you have 48Gb of Vram in total, Visualize will only recognized the Vram per GPU.

          So "only" 12Gb of Vram in your case, which is finally not too bad at all!!! I'm working with 3Gb without problem

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            Paul Salvador

            ..most likely the driver.. (for Tesla) and the suggested for Visualize or the nVidia Quadro is 354.56


            (and, your system readings shown are strange (language display issue?)... the driver is not shown and the cuda vesion is 7050?)