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Changing a large quantity of drawings' sheet formats

Question asked by Dan Youngberg on Jul 29, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2008 by Dan Youngberg
I'm looking to change all of the title blocks in a large quantity of drawings and I'm not sure where to start. With possibly over a thousand drawings it would be best if the process was automated, possibly with a macro. The two main challenges I see are as follows:

1) Custom File Property Variable Names:
I need to change all of the custom file property variable names in the drawings so that they match the current system. Or I suppose I could duplicate our current system's drawing templates, change the template's custom file property variable names, then import the old drawings.

2) Drawing Sheet Format:
I need to change the drawing sheet format for each of these drawings, and I know how to do it manually, but is it possible to write a program to make the computer do it to a group of drawings?

The method I use doesn't have to be the prettiest, it just has to be fast, easy, and make the drawings look the same, but with current title blocks.

Thanks for your help,

Dan Youngberg
Engineering Intern
Bard Access Systems
S.L.C., Utah.