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    Setting Up Gauge Tables

    Declan McTiernan
      Hi All,
      I'm looking for some direction in setting up a gauge table. We mainly process stainless steel, with a thickness range of 1.2 up to 6.0mm. The folding is pretty simple however I would like all engineers to be using the correct bend parameters for each designed part.

      I thought that the gauge table was the right thing to use, but I'm not sure if I am setting it up correctly.

      For the gauge column, I can just type the material description, in my case I am using something like 2.50mm (V16), ie. the material thickness and pressbrake die size. The thickness column is the actual sheet thickness and the radius is just a single radius based on the V16 die used for folding. Thats all fine, but what I can't seem to understand how is where can I set an individual k-factor for each of the sheet thickness.

      The sample table that I have has only a location at the top of the sheet to enter a single k-factor for the whole table. For my 1.5mm material I need a k-factor of 0.33 and for 2.5mm material I need a value of .44

      Is this possible in a single bend table?

      Some direction would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,
      Declan McTiernan.
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          Valerie Williams

          We have several gauge tables, from which we can choose in the sheet metal properties in the feature manager. For instance, we assign a certain k-factor for galvanized steel, using the 'press brake' process, for a range of thicknesses. Other spreadsheets contain data for different materials/bending processes/thickness ranges.

          So to answer your question, you can only assign one k-factor per gauge table (as far as I know).

          I recommend a free program called 'BendWorks' that I find very helpful in determining k-factor values.

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              Michael Garvelink
              Good Afternoon,

              As a followup to your question about the sheet metal gauge table's. How do I take information from the table and push it out the drawing? Either in a custom property or otherwise. I am being asked to have a gauge call out rather than a dimensional thickness on a sheet metal drawing. I can't seem to figure out to push the data from a cell in the gauge table out to either the .sldprt or .slddrw. Any help is greatly appreciated

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                  Larry Gray


                      Has anyone figured out how to do this? This would be great!




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                      Valerie Williams

                      Michael and Larry,


                      I never received notifications of replies on this thread (I think my corporate spam filter blocks a lot of the forum postings).  This response is too late to be of use, but I thought I would post anyway.


                      I haven't found a way to link to the gauge number, but the rest of the information is accessible.


                      The tables define gauge number, material thickness, bend radius, and K-factor.  The thickness is automatically translated to a global variable named "thickness" when the sheet metal feature is created.  This global variable can me linked to in a variety of ways and can be used as a variable in a drawing if used in a field in either custom or configuration specific properties of the part.


                      The thickness, bend radius and K-factor values will also appear if you double-click on the sheet metal feature in the feature manager.  From there, you can find out the identifiers (names) of those values.  You can then link to them in various fields or equations in the part or drawing.

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                    Jeff Holliday



                    Thank you very much for the link to BendWorks. I have not yet tried using the program but from the link it is possible to download a 9-page pdf "The fine-art of Sheet Metal Bending". At first glance this appears to be a VERY worthwhile download.

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                    Chad Moles

                    Declan, see this thread. It will help you.