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PhotoWorks Contest 29 voting

Discussion created by Rob Rodríguez on Jul 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2008 by Deepak Gupta
Can you believe there has been 29 PhotoWorks Rendering Contests? I can't either. I thought interest would have fallen off after a few months but, 29 months later the contest is still taking place. Voting for the July contest (# 29) is happening now and we have two entries to choose from. Cast your vote for your favorite entry this month and decide the winner. After you've done that download the model for the August Contest (# 30). The August model was donated by Joshua Sternthal (a past PhotoWorks contest winner) and is your typical soap or gel dispensing bottle. This should make for some challenging rendering since transparent materials, liquids and gels typically aren't the easiest thing to simulate. Good luck