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Meeting with Luxology

Question asked by 1-9C36HC on Jul 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2008 by Kevin Quigley

I wanted to get back to you on a few of the questions and issues that you've raised concerning PV and my subsequent meeting at Luxology last week. If there are some of your issues that I've overlooked, please respond and I'll try to answer them as best I can.

- Caustics - this effect is on by default but is not displayed in the preview or final render until render quality settings are turned up to a higher setting.

- The texture mapping issues between SW and PV are issues that we are well aware of internally and are working to resolve them in a recent build that we will provide to you as soon as possible.

- The request to have Copy and Paste on the RMB menu is something that technically will take some work to do given the current UI structure and selection mode of PV; they are looking into it but don't count on it for Rev1 release.

- I raised the issue of users needed to know what the currently select material is and gave them your feedback and a few suggestions for how this might be accomplished. Without any Feature Manager, this is difficult to do, but they do recognize the issue and concern.

- As far as the dockable menus for material, environments and render settings popping up over the preview window, we (internal and Alpha users) are seeing more of this than the final user will because the position of these menu should be saved with each session of PV and because we are crashing and overwriting builds we're seeing it constantly being reset.

- I raised the issue of the render quality issue NOT being tied to the preview window and that the preview window should be optimized at all costs. They understand the concern and are looking into it.

- I mention the performance of the preview window when rotating panning or zooming, especially as compared to the competition. They are well aware of this and will continue to try and make performance improvements for it.

- As far as the option "Render Layer Image" this is not what you might have hoped for in that what it does is render out multiple channels of the final render as it pertains to specularity, light sources, indirect illumination shadows etc and you can then open these up into Photoshop as separate layers to do a final tweak on these elements for the final shot. I mentioned that you hope it would render out bodies or components separately. In that, I mentioned that part of what you'd like to do is turn on and off the background and shadows. Luxology has received the feedback and will consider a switch/es to do this somewhere in the UI to do this but cannot promise it for Rev1.

- I mentioned the fact that there is no way to save user defined views in PV. Luxology is aware that this is a critical function and there is high likelihood that PV will have the feature to save view by final release.

- We discussed the ambiguity of the progressive behavior of the preview window. For instance, if you are working in the preview window and then decide to do a final render and then cancel the final render or finish it, the dynamic preview stops and cannot be started again until a view or material change is made. They recognized this problem and might have a solution for it by providing a hotkey or a UI switch to turn it on and off thereby overriding it.

- Of their own initiative, a few of the developers at Luxology expressed the desire be involved in this and the subsequent beta forum. We are looking into trying to make that happen.