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    VAR support expectations for pdmwe?

    Sam S
      What type of support do you expect/receive from your VAR in regards to pdmwe? Please limit your comments to only the support you expect to receive for the normal subscription support cost.

      Did the var help, and if so to what degree, with deployment, documenting and incorporating your companies business practices into pdmwe?

      Did you send a "power user" to training then that person was responsible for deploying pdmwe and training other users or did all users attend training?

      When a user encounters a problem what do you do; go straight to the VAR or do you have an internal power user that tries to address the issues first before going to the VAR?

      Any comments in regards to your var support expectations for pdmwe would be greatly appreciated.


        • VAR support expectations for pdmwe?
          Heather Nelson
          From comments my VAR made at a PDMWE Admin training class I took it sounds like a lot of VARs are struggling with where to draw the line between paid subscription support and consulting. I've also worked for a VAR for the other guys and they were having the same issues. Deployment, documenting and incorporating business practices should all fall under the consulting side. I would think normal subscription support would be calling if you get an install error or when using PDMWE if it throws a strange error or isn't functioning properly (like not rolling back files). But if you start getting into laying out workflows, permission settings, and things like that it's a grey area and depending on your VAR they might tell you you have to pay an hourly rate to discuss that.

          Personally, if you've never set up a PDM system (or aren't familiar at all with PDMWE) you should get your VAR involved up front and negotiate a contract for them to work with you in setting everything up. There's some components to it, that if you don't get it set up exactly the way you want it before you roll it out you'll be SOL or at least in a very painful place. It's worth paying upfront to get it set up exactly right (and if you have issues getting it to work the way you want those questions should be covered under your contract).

          You're going to want to send someone to training. I don't think it's worth sending everyone if you've got a large group but if you don't, you need to set up an internal class before you roll out the production vault. If you can give users access to a test vault to play around with for a couple of weeks before you roll out production you'll be able to get a lot of the basic questions/issues worked out.

          99% of the questions I get asked I can answer without going to the VAR and if I can't, then I contact them vs the user with the issue. Most questions are coming from users unfamiliar with the way this PDM system works.

          All in all, if they answer anything beyond basic questions and bug reporting without charging you, you're getting free consulting.
            • VAR support expectations for pdmwe?
              Lucas Dexter
              Originally my VAR wanted to charge us for ANY call relating to PDMWE. We originally paid for consulting fees while setting everything up, but they wanted US to pay when we helped them troubleshoot bug fixes! At that point I got SolidWorks involved. Now, anything that deals with the program that would be covered under the SolidWorks subscription is covered under the PDMWE subscription, IE, bug issues, installation questions, licensing issues, server issues, etc. Any special programming or workflow, data card setup, etc. is still considered beyond the scope of subscription.