Sam S

VAR support expectations for pdmwe?

Discussion created by Sam S on Jul 27, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2008 by Lucas Dexter
What type of support do you expect/receive from your VAR in regards to pdmwe? Please limit your comments to only the support you expect to receive for the normal subscription support cost.

Did the var help, and if so to what degree, with deployment, documenting and incorporating your companies business practices into pdmwe?

Did you send a "power user" to training then that person was responsible for deploying pdmwe and training other users or did all users attend training?

When a user encounters a problem what do you do; go straight to the VAR or do you have an internal power user that tries to address the issues first before going to the VAR?

Any comments in regards to your var support expectations for pdmwe would be greatly appreciated.