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how do you exchange cad data?

Discussion created by Barry Cavanaugh on Jul 25, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2008 by 1-BCG6L3
I am conducting some research in the area of CAD data transfer. Specifically, I wonder how you send / receive CAD data with suppliers / customers, etc.

Do you use FTP? Does it track when your data was sent, when and who downloaded it? Does it notify you when your posted data was downloaded? Does it notify you if a few days pass by and your intended recipient still has not downloaded? Would some of these features be of value to you?

Would it be of value to you if you, or one of your colleague's, had the ability to resend your data to additional suppliers? Perhaps giving your purchasing people the ability to resend your data without having to bother you (the busy engineer)

if you put your cad data into a zip file, about how big to you think it would be? how often would you send it? How long would you expect it to stay on the server (one week, perhaps?)

if such a service was free, perhaps you would be exposed to this OK? You may be limited to a certain amount of disk space, and if you wanted more, you would need to pay a nominal amount (perhaps a few dollars for a few GB of disk space per month)

what about security? is SSL encryption and certificates enough? keep in mind that "extreme" security could be expensive?

It would be wonderful if, once the files are submitted, a system could translate them from one CAD system to another. We know that this is unlikely to go smoothly in some cases...but what if the system tried to generate IGES or STEP for you...would such a feature be valuable to you?

perhaps there are already tools out there that do what I describe above?

thank you in advance for your opinions on the above...