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Frequency analysis - Calibration?

Question asked by Scott Pletz on Jul 25, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2008 by Anthony Botting
Hello all,

A little history first- We (Dometic, LLC) mfg Rv Air Conditioners. For various designs we have many copper tubing paths. When designing a new copper tube we have samples made and then installed in an A/C in the lab for testing. Part of these test consist of frequency analysis for each tube using a scope. As one can imagine this is a very tedious job.

I have undertaken the task of evaluating CosmosWorks for replacing the lab work. Unless of course findings in Cosmos further warrant scope analysis.

I have taken the Certified Material Properties supplied by our vendor and applied them to my model.

The frequencies from the scope differ from those of Cosmos in some cases as much as 20%. In a few cases only 2-3%. I can live with the 2-3%.

My next approach will be to vary my material properties until Cosmos results come closer to those seen from the scope. This is the only current way I can come up with for "calibration" i.e. calibration of Cosmos to the scope. (B.T.W- the scope just came back from it's yearly check-up/calibration)

What I am looking for from this forum is others experience in this area. Thoughts, ideas would be greatly appriciated.

Also, Is there an plug-ins available for connecting the scope directly to the computer and using that data to "calibrate" a specific material.

These thoughts may be way out there but I decided to take a chance.

Thanks in advance!

Scott Pletz, CosmosWorks 2008 SP3.0
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