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Transparent and liquid material test

Question asked by Rob Rodríguez on Jul 25, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2008 by Kevin Quigley
I rendered a bottle in PhotoWorks for the 2008 Step By Step Guide with some mixed results. The image looks OK but not all that good in my opinion. I still think some of my issues were bugs in PW but Ron may disagree with that.

So I wanted to try and create a rendering of the bottle in PhotoView. The bottle is one of those bottles you see with a translucent plastic pump cap, a clear bottle portion and the liquid is some kind of colored gel.

I encountered some issues with the render in PV and I don't know how to fix them.

First off. I applied a translucent platic material to the cap and pump. There is no setting in the material though about how translucent the material should be . You get what PV gives. We need to have control over this.

Next I applied a clear polycarbonate material to the bottle. Again I don't have control over how transaparent the material is but I should.

Next I hide the bottle geometry and applied water to the geometry that is representing the liquid and I changed the color to green.

When I unhide (shouldn't this be "hide" and "show" to keep with SW terminology?) The bottle material doesn't allow the liquid material to show through. Everything is just a gray color?

I tried to just show (unhide) the bottle and hide the liquid to see how that rendered but PV wouldn't let me do this. I could show just the liquid and no bottle but not the bottle with no liquid. I REALLY think a SW feature tree would make hiding and showing items (parts) much easier.

As a note all the goemetry is independant of each other (nothing touches).

I alos had some artifacts that didn't clear which is also a VERY ANNOYING issue I have with PhotoWorks.

I've attached 3 pics. One is from PhotoWorks the other 2 show the PhotoView results.